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Matthäus praises Dardai's work at Hertha

By Bulinews Team

Lothar Matthäus is very impressed with how Hertha BSC have developed under Pal Dardai.

Pal Dardai.
Pal Dardai.Photo: Football.ua/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0
Hertha BSC have made a very strong start to the season and are sitting fifth in the Bundesliga table with 14 points after the first seven games.

Pal Dardai has been Hertha's head coach since February 2015, and Sky pundit and former German international Lothar Matthäus is very impressed with his work at the club.

"It's his fourth year as head coach of the capital club - and it's simply undeniable that there has been an extremely positive development. The greatest thing is that it's now really fun to watch his team play football. In the past, the focus was on compactness and discipline. Now, great football is even being played," Matthäus wrote in a column for Sky and added:

"Pal is not just any coach for Hertha and vice versa. What happens there has something to do with family, respect and love. Hertha BSC loves Pal, and Pal loves Hertha BSC. The Hungarian has a very clear career plan and transfers his ideas to his players with all he has got. It's just great to see how this coach, this club and this team fit together."

Dardai also spent most of his active career at Hertha and played 373 games for the club between 1997 and 2011.

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