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Ballack: 'I was surprised that Löw kept his job'

By Bulinews Team

Michael Ballack has questioned the decision to stick to Joachim Löw as Germany coach.

Michael Ballack.
Michael Ballack.Photo: Soccer.ru/CC-by-SA 3.0
Former German international Michael Ballack admits he was 'surprised' that Joachim Löw stayed as Germany coach after the disappointing World Cup that saw 'Die Mannschaft' crash out at the group stages.

"Like many other people, I was surprised that he kept his job. He has worked with the team for a long time. Sometimes it just doesn't work anymore if someone is with a team for as long as he has been," Ballack told DW and added:

"The World Cup was a big disappointment, and there were reasons for that. Those should be seriously analyzed instead of just saying 'we'll analyze it' when the decision to stick to the coach has in fact already been made. That's not a real analysis."

Löw has been the German national team coach since 2006.

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