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Nübel insists season on FCB bench "not a wasted year."

By Peter Vice

In an interview new set to appear in the Monday print edition of German footballing magazine Kicker, Bayern loan-out Alexander Nübel checked in with veteran reporter Karlheinz Wild. 

It looks very much as if the 25-year-old will remain in neighboring France for the full term of his two-year-loan. One-quarter of the way through it, the former Schalke sensation seemed overall pleased with the arrangement.

Alexander Nübel.
Alexander Nübel.Photo: © Elmar J. Lordemann

Former FC Schalke 04 and current FC Bayern München keeper Alexander Nübel appeared fairly relaxed about his current situation when speaking to Kicker editor-in-chief Karlheinz Wild. Nearly one-quarter of the way through his two-year-loan at AS Monaco, the 25-year-old has seen his wish to be a regular #1 at a European club fulfilled.

"I play twice a week at a high level," Nübel told Wild, "That was my goal. The change was the correct decision."

Nübel and teammates haven't quite gotten the hang of producing results twice-a-week in the current French campaign. Under former Frankfurt and Bayern trainer Niko Kovac, the Monégasques currently occupy 11th place in the Ligue 1 table. The German net-minder has started all 13 league fixtures, yet been anything but consistent.

"I'm not where I want to be yet," Nübel acknowledged, "The statistics could be better, but I'm not dissatisfied."

Nübel has shown more flashes of his potential in the Europa league, where's he's only conceded two goals in four fixtures. The French club presently top their UEL group, well ahead of quality clubs such as Real Sociedad San Sebastian, PSV Eindhoven, and Sturm Graz.

Given the somewhat uneven start, Nübel made clear that he felt serving out the full two years of his loan was in the cards. Manuel Neuer's current form and plans for the future naturally also play a role in this assumption.

"I don't really see an alternative," Nübel revealed, "and neither does Bayern. There are several possible routes, but I can't envision going back and not getting more games."

Asked about his feelings on serving behind Neuer last year, in which he came nowhere near to the number of promised starts his agent claims he secured for him, Nübel didn't seem bitter about what transpired.

"It was a double-edged sword," Nübel said of the 2020/21 campaign, "few appearances, but some progress for me as a player. I don't think it was a wasted year."

Nübel and Wild spoke on other topics as well in the interview, including the FCB training standards, a mostly cordial relationship with Neuer, and the manner in which Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka pushed their teammates on the pitch.

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