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Klinsmann: 'I believe in Löw and his staff'

By Bulinews Team

Jürgen Klinsmann has backed Joachim Löw ahead of tonight's game against France.

Jürgen Klinsmann.
Jürgen Klinsmann.Photo: IIJ Events/CC-by-SA 2.0
Joachim Löw's position as Germany coach has been questioned after the disappointing World Cup campaign and the recent 0-3 defeat to the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League.

But former German international Jürgen Klinsmann still feels certain that Löw is the right coach for 'Die Mannschaft'.

"'Jogi' knows what he's doing. He also knows how difficult the situation is after losing to the Netherlands, but the most important thing is keeping together and believing they will get a good result against France," Klinsmann told SWR-Sport and continued:

"'Jogi' doesn't need any advice from me. He knows that the results must improve slowly. The team must stick together and send a signal."

"I'm a fan of the national team, I believe in 'Jogi' and his staff, and I keep my fingers crossed that they will bounce back."

Löw took over as Germany coach in 2006.

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