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Leon Goretzka: "There are certainly more important things than money"

By Rune Gjerulff

Leon Goretzka insists he didn't sign a long-term contract with Bayern for the money.

Leon Goretzka.
Leon Goretzka.Photo: Rufus46, CC BY-SA 3.0

Back in September, Leon Goretzka committed his long-term future to Bayern München by extending his contract until 2026.

In an interview with Bayern's official club magazine, '51', the 26-year-old explains why he extended his deal, underlining that money was not his motivation.

"There are certainly more important things than money. When people say that contract negotiations are only about squeezing out the last euro, they often have the wrong picture. Money is not the primary reason for an extension," said Goretzka and added:

"For me, for example, identification with the club and the team has a high value. We have celebrated these successes of the last two years because something has been created here: to play for titles at this level, and to do so with your friends and not just with football teammates. You can't buy that with any money in the world."

When Goretzka extended his contract until 2026, he expressed desire to take responsibility at Bayern. Asked about his current position in the hierarchy, the midfielder responded:

"For me there are several aspects to being a leader: having an open ear, leading from the front, standing up for the team, taking responsibility - maybe even for others' mistakes, too.

"I look for the fault in myself because perhaps I could have prevented my teammate from getting into that situation. At the time, I was a bit ridiculed for my statement. I know that you don't achieve something like that just by saying it, especially not at a press conference. But I wanted to make it clear that I have a plan - and I have achieved my goal."

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