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Report: Werner works with agent on potential transfer

By Peter Vice

Speculation that Timo Werner may wish depart Chelsea FC has been rampant for some months. 

Now, for the first time, concrete reports emerge that the German star striker is working on a transfer. 

Timo Werner.
Timo Werner.Photo: Granada, CC-by-SA 4.0

The very thought of Timo Werner cutting his losses at Chelsea and possibly returning to the Bundesliga has thus far belonged to the realm of pure speculation in German footballing circles. What makes sense on a purely logical level doesn't always translate to realistic action.

At least one German news source nevertheless now claims that Werner has taken the first steps to making the move from Stamford Bridge. Broadcaster "Sport 1" reports that the 26-year-old is working with his agent on a possible transfer.

The report goes on to suggest that Werner's current EPL club would "put no obstacles" in the striker's way provided they receive a fair offer. This is defined as something "in the €40 million range". The Blues paid €53 million to acquire Werner from RB Leipzig in the spring of 2020.

Given his production numbers over the past two seasons, Chelsea wouldn't necessarily be disappointed to rid themselves of Werner's estimated €16 million annual salary. A move to Borussia Dortmund is speculated upon. Werner's agent--Volker Struth--recently moved his other client Niklas Süle to the Schwarzgelben.

Potentially clouding any move to Dortmund is the anticipated signing of RB Salzburg forward Karim Adeyemi. The BVB clearly have their preferred Erling Haaland replacement in mind. Most in German footballing circles will naturally argue that, if the Haaland years should have taught Dortmund anything, it's that the team should plan on carrying two lead-strikers.

That returns one to the realm of speculation that, however logical, may not make sound business sense.

"Sure things aren't going as I might like them to at Chelsea right now," Werner acknowledged post-match after scoring a goal in Saturday night's German national team friendly, "That makes it all the more pleasant to come here, receive the confidence of the coach, get a chance to play, and score a goal."

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