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Ballack: Players used to make decisions on the pitch themselves

By Bulinews Team

Michael Ballack claims players aren't encouraged to make decisions themselves on the pitch today.

Michael Ballack.
Michael Ballack.Photo: Soccer.ru/CC-by-SA 3.0
Former German international Michael Ballack believes an increased focus on teamwork and tactics within football today makes players less inclined to make decisions on their own on the pitch.

"You see more and more that team building is gaining more respect, the team is put in the foreground, and the coaches are appreciated more. Tactical requirements are in the centre," Ballack told Sport1 and added:

"In the past, players were relatively free to make decisions on the pitch themselves and found solutions because they were allowed to develop a degree of autonomy. This development has changed a bit within football. Now, you are quick to ask: 'where are the solutions?'"

Michael Ballack played 98 games and scored 42 goals for Germany between 1999 and 2010.

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