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Dardai: 'Everyone has adjusted to Dilrosun's tricks'

By Bulinews Team

Hertha BSC coach Pal Dardai says Javairo Dilrosun has been struggling a bit lately because the opponents now know what to expect from him.

Pal Dardai.
Pal Dardai.Photo: Football.ua/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0
After coming out of nowhere to impress highly at the beginning of the season, 20-year-old Javairo Dilrosun hasn't been as remarkable lately.

According to Hertha coach Pal Dardai, the opponents know now what to expect from the young winger, and that makes it a bit more difficult for him.

"In the beginning, Javairo was the big unknown for the opponents. Now, everyone has adjusted to his tricks. We have to quickly practice new variants so that he can regain his former strength," Dardai told Bild.

Dilrosun has also noticed a change himself, but he insists that's not a problem.

"In the Bundesliga, nobody knew me in the beginning. That seems to have changed. When I have the ball, I suddenly have two or three opponents against me. But that's not a new situation for me. In all youth leagues, I often had two opponents marking me. I remain confident and continue to try to assert myself," he said.

The former Manchester City player has made nine Bundesliga appearances for Hertha this season with two goals and three assists to his name.

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