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2. Bundesliga Monday games to be abolished

By Bulinews Team

2. Bundesliga games will no longer be played on Mondays from the 2021/22 season onwards.

Photo: Creative Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0
The German Football League (DFL) have announced the decision to discontinue Monday night games in the 2. Bundesliga from the 2021/22 season onwards.

The decision was made on Monday evening after 'a large majority' of the concerned clubs made it clear that they were in favor of abolishing the much-criticized games.

Monday night games have existed in the 2. Bundesliga since 1993. Instead, a game will be played on Saturday evening at 20.15 in the future.

The announcement has been made shortly after the German Football League confirmed at the end of November that Monday night games will be discontinued in the Bundesliga - from the 2021/22 season as well.

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