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Hoeness: Bayern wouldn't have paid €100 million for Cristiano Ronaldo

By Bulinews Team

Bayern München wouldn't have signed Cristiano Ronaldo for €100 million, says club president Uli Hoeness.

Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cristiano Ronaldo.Photo: Дмитрий Садовников/Soccer.ru/CC-by-SA 3.0
During the summer, Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for over €100 million - a deal that Bayern München would never have completed, says club president Uli Hoeness.

The Bayern boss has underlined that the German champions wouldn't have paid that kind of fee for a 33-year-old.

"He's 33 years old and would have cost us 100 million. If it was a player aged 24 or 25, we would have done it with our eyes closed," Hoeness said according to Sport Bild.

Bayern had a quiet summer transfer market this year, but Hoeness has said several times that the Bavarians will make big changes next summer.

"Next year, when the second step of the upheaval comes, we will certainly change the team's face quite a bit," he told Sky in November.

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