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German youth coach criticizes the UEFA Youth League

By Bulinews Team

Germany's under-18 coach, Frank Kramer, says participating in the UEFA Youth League is a huge stress factor for many young German players.

Frank Kramer.
Frank Kramer.Photo: Fuguito/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0
Participating in the UEFA Youth League is 'extremely stressful' for many young German youngsters, says Germany's under-18 coach, Frank Kramer.

Kramer feels that the international youth team competition is draining the young players' energy.

"We're talking about many players who are in their final year of school. The Youth League alone causes incredible absenteeism," Kramer said in an interview with Tagesspiegel and continued:

"The way the competition is now, it's extremely stressful for the German youngsters."

"I don't think this expenditure is compensated by the sporting value," he underlined.

The UEFA Youth League has existed since 2013.

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