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Dardai: The players decide when I need to go

By Bulinews Team

Pal Dardai says it's up to his players to decide when his time as Hertha BSC coach is over.

Pal Dardai.
Pal Dardai.Photo: Football.ua/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0
If a coach gets sacked, it's often because the players have become fed up with him, claims Hertha BSC coach Pal Dardai.

Dardai, who has been the coach of Hertha since 2015, feels his future in the job ultimately comes down to if the players want him out or not.

"The first step in deciding that a coach needs to go is often made by the players and not the sporting director or the president. If the players get tired of Dardai, I have to go. If it gets boring or if it doesn't matter, then you're gone. The team always decide that," Dardai told Sport Bild and added:

"I know this from my time as a player. Whenever a coach was kicked out, the team decided it."

Hertha are currently sitting 11th in the Bundesliga table.

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