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Hoeness: 'I don't want to buy a player for 80 or 100 million'

By Bulinews Team

Bayern München president Uli Hoeness says he doesn't like paying in the region of €80-100 million for a player - but he considers it necesarry.

Uli Hoeness.
Uli Hoeness.Photo: Usien/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0
It was a necessary evil when Bayern München broke their transfer record and paid €80 million to sign Lucas Hernandez from Atlético Madrid, says Bayern president Uli Hoeness.

"I don't want to buy a player for 80 or 100 million. But if you want to keep up with Manchester City, Liverpool or Barcelona, then you sometimes have to do things that I don't like," Hoeness told Bild.

When asked about the rumors surrounding Niko Kovac's future as Bayern coach, Hoeness said:

"We want to focus on winnning the championship on Saturday, and then we're all happy."

With a goal difference far superior to Borussia Dortmund's, a draw against Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday should be enough for the Bavarians to clinch their seventh Bundesliga title in a row.

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