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Robert Lewandowski points out problem with the new generation of footballers

By Rune Gjerulff

Robert Lewandowski has spoken critically of the new generation of footballers.

Robert Lewandowski.
Robert Lewandowski.Photo: Sven Mandel / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Bayern München star Robert Lewandowski has given a critical assessment of the younger generation of footballers.

Speaking in an interview with Sport Bild, the 31-year-old says he feels youngsters often get too much hype today.

"There are youngsters, a new generation, that you immediately roll out the red carpet for and who cost an incredible amount of money at a young age. But these players still have to develop, they don't guarantee you success yet," Lewandowski said.

"The market is problematic for the structure of a team. It's often all about the young players who are quick to get a lot of hype. But you need a good mixture of youth and experience to be successful," he continued.

The Polish international feels there are considerable differences between the young generation and the group of older, more experienced players that he's a part of himself.

"The young players want to work and to win. But they have a different attitude. When talking to an older player, the coach can simply say, 'You're not playing'. A young player often wants a further explanation and maybe even demands to be shown statistics," Lewandowski said and added:

"The way players interact with each other is also different. The new generation has grown up with mobile phones. That makes it even more important to ensure there is good communication in the dressing room and that the groups understand each other even though they might be a decade apart. I'm not saying that one generation is better than the other. The world is changing."

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