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'Justice for George Floyd' protests in the Bundesliga

By Henrik Petersen

Several players joined the 'Justice for George Floyd' protest.

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Jadon Sancho joined the 'Justice for George Floyd' protest when he scored a hat-trick for Dortmund against Paderborn.

But the English international was not the only player. He was joined by team-mate Hakimi, McKennie (S04) with a ‘Justice For George’ armband and Thuram (Gladbach) who took a knee.

All were protesting the death of Floyd, 46, who died in Minneapolis during an arrest by a police officer, that pinned him to the ground for several minutes by kneeling on his neck.

The initiatives gained a lot of response on social media. Most of it was positive, but some pointed out that only players of color had expressed their sympathy.

The protests are continuing across United States with curfews imposed in these cities:
* California: Los Angeles County, San Francisco
* Colorado: Denver
* Florida: Miami, Orange County
* Georgia: Atlanta
* Illinois: Chicago
* Indiana: Indianapolis
* Kentucky: Louisville
* Michigan: Detroit
* Minnesota: Minneapolis, St. Paul
* Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton
* Oregon: Portland
* Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
* South Carolina: Charleston
* Tennessee: Nashville
* Texas: Dallas, San Antonio
* Utah: Salt Lake City
* Wisconsin: Milwaukee

If the tension escalates it may not be the last actions we have seen from the Bundesliga players.

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