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Bundesliga News

Bundesliga News

Kovac: Lewandowski accepts he will stay

By Bulinews Team

Bayern München coach Niko Kovac says that Robert Lewandowski has accepted that he will not get to leave the club this summer.

Robert Lewandowski.
Robert Lewandowski.Photo: Rufus46/CC-by-SA 3.0

Robert Lewandowski will definitely stay at Bayern München. That's what the Bayern bosses have said again and again during the summer.

Now, Lewandowski himself has accepted that he will not leave the club this summer, Bayern coach Niko Kovac says.

"It's true that Robert and I had a conversation last week. Robert knows how I think of him. The whole club know the qualities he possesses. He is certainly among the top-three strikers worldwide," Kovac told Bild and added:

"We will certainly not let him go. That's the statement I gave him. Robert accepted it. I really enjoyed that."

Lewandowski's contract runs out in 2021.

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