FC Bayern II - Meppen

Germany: 3. Liga
FC Bayern II N. Kühn (68), C. Scott (74)
Rasenplatz BSA Heinrich-Wieland-Straße2-0

Cancellations update: 3. Liga's 10th round proceeds with only one postponement

By Peter Vice

Germany's top two professional footballing tiers find themselves preoccupied with exhibition matches during the November international break. 

Action in the third tier continues over the weekend, with only one fixture being postponed. 

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Photo: Steffen Prößdorf, CC BY-SA 4.0

Since last checking in with the comprehensive manner in which the latest wave of the global pandemic has affected professional football in the German Bundesrepublik, there has only been one additional match affected by the rising tide of infection rates.

Third-division side SV Meppen remains in isolation after presiding over the country's first major outbreak at a football club. An additional five cases have since been identified at the team, brining the running total to 12.

The Emsland district health-department did grant a training exemption to those players who have repeatedly testing negative from the beginning of the ordeal. Such players may voluntarily train in groups of two if they so desire. Otherwise, no one will be permitted to leave their domestic quarantine until the 14-day-period concludes this coming Thursday.

Positive tests did not preclude third division side FC Viktoria Köln from playing this Friday. In the second division, Eintracht Braunschweig reported positives that may affect their game next week. Borussia Mönchengladbach also reported one positive case among their ranks

Bundesliga Three: (Nine postponements)

MSV Duisburg vs. FC Saarbrücken (round four)
MSV Duisburg vs. Hallescher FC (round five)
Türkgücü München vs. FSV Zwickau (round seven)
SC Verl vs. FSV Zwickau (round eight)
SpVgg Unterhaching vs. Hallescher FC (round eight)
Hansa Rostock vs. Türkgücü München (round nine)
SC Verl vs. SpVgg Unterhaching (round nine)
SV Meppen vs. Waldhof Mannheim (round nine)
SV Meppen vs. FC Bayern II (round ten)

Bundesliga Two: (Two postponements)

Hamburger SV vs. Erzgebirge Aue (round three)
VfL Osnabrück vs. SV Darmstadt 98 (round four)

Bundesliga: (No postponements thus far)

FC Bayern II
1Ron-Torben Hoffmann
2Remi Vita ↩46
14Lenn Jastremski
4Josip Stanisic
5Nicolas Feldhahn
28Chris Richards
40Jamie Lawrence
10Timo Kern ↩84
18Maximilian Zaiser ↩67
24Christopher Gavin Scott
38Angelo Stiller
12Michael Wagner
9Jann-Fiete Arp
11Nicolas-Gerrit Kühn ↪67
13Kilian Senkbeil
15Alexander Lungwitz ↪46
8Jannik Rochelt ↪84
25Torben Rhein
32Erik Domaschke
9Tom Boere
10Luka Tankulic ↩72
18René Guder ↩81
4Yannick Osee
7Hassan Amin
15Markus Ballmert ↩46
16Florian Egerer
19Lars Bünning
11Marcus Piossek
27Valdet Rama
37Constantin Frommann
23Lucas Krüger
29Hilal El-Helwe
33Dejan Božić ↪72
25Jeron Al-Hazaimeh ↪46
14Willi Evseev
17Christoph Hemlein ↪81

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