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Matthäus to Löw: 'Please find the right position for Thomas Müller!'

By Bulinews Team

Lothar Matthäus feels Joachim Löw should either play Thomas Müller in a different position or leave him out of the team.

Thomas Müller.
Thomas Müller.
Thomas Müller is 'wasted' when he's played on the wing according to Sky pundit Lothar Matthäus.

The former Bayern München player feels Germany coach Joachim Löw must either give him a different role or leave him out of the team.

"I would like to make a big request - an appeal - to 'Jogi' Löw: please find the right position for Thomas Müller! He is wasted on the right wing. That wasn't just evident against France. He lacks the dribbling and the pace," Matthäus wrote in his Sky column and continued:

"Thomas must either play in the same offensive 'half-position' as he does at Bayern at the moment or play in the vicinity of the centre-forward - in the penalty area, facing the goal. Either Löw should let him play where he is valuable, important and outstanding - or leave him out. With Sané, Reus, Werner and the strong Brandt, we have at least four wingers who belong there. Thomas Müller is not one of them."

Müller, 28, has made 96 appearances for Germany, scoring 38 goals.

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