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Leroy Sané 'is an exceptional player', says Thomas Müller

By Bulinews Team

Thomas Müller has praised Leroy Sané, saying that the Manchester City starlet has abilities that only few players can match.

Leroy Sané (left).
Leroy Sané (left).Photo: Granada, CC-by-SA 4.0
Manchester City starlet Leroy Sané has been backed by Bayern München's Thomas Müller who says he believes the 22-year-old has a bright future in the German national team ahead of him.

"He is an exceptional player with abilities that only very few players have. I think Leroy is now mature enough, and I trust him a lot for the future," Müller said in an interview with Bild.

The Bayern player also stressed that it's important that all the players of 'Die Mannschaft' help Sané "to deliver his best performances in the national team."

Recently, Toni Kroos praised Sané for his enormous potential as well, but the Real Madrid midfielder also questioned the Manchester City player's body language.

"You sometimes get the feeling that it doesn't matter to him if we win or lose. It's about showing his qualities. Then he can be an absolute weapon for us," Kroos said at a press conference last week.

So far, Sané has made 13 appearances for Germany and scored one goal.

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