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Klose discloses that thrombosis issues will force him to take a break from football

By Peter Vice   @ViceytheSS

German footballing legend Miroslav Klose revealed some sad personal news in an interview published in the print edition of German footballing magazine Kicker appearing on Thursday. 

The all-time-record holder for the number of goals scored in a World Cup divulged that he has thrombosis issues in his legs and will be pressing the pause button on his coaching career. 
Miroslav Klose.
Miroslav Klose.
When Miroslav Klose announced that he would be leaving his role as an assistant coach at FC Bayern München this summer, the tantalizing rumors quickly began to circulate. Would one of the Bundesrepublik's greatest all-time footballing heroes soon be coaching a club of his own? Might he even be following Hansi Flick over to the national team?

Evidently, the answer to all the exciting questions is "no" for the time being. The 42-year-old, known for always giving it his all on the pitch, grapples with the physical consequences of his long playing career. Clotting issues in his legs have left him unable to perform what he considers to be an essential part of being a football team trainer.

"The diagnosis was a bit of a shock for me," Klose said of his thromboses in an interview with Germany's preeminent footballing publication, "The doctors made it very clear to me that this wasn't a condition to mess around with. I can't jog. I can't swim. Most importantly, I can't play football."

"I realized some days later that I didn't want to start my professional coaching career like this," Klose continued, "One has to do it properly or not at all. As a coach, one has to be able to inspire a team on the pitch."

After taking some time to address the issues with his legs, Klose did not rule out a career on the sidelines in the future. The legend insisted that he would keep fighting and hopefully be able to remain around the game during his life's next act.

Klose has tallied an amazing 16 times in four World Cups for the German Nationalmannschaft. The former Kaiserslautern, Werder Bremen, Bayern München, and Lazio Rom striker's contribution to his country remains iconic.

The legend was most recently linked with the Fortuna Düsseldorf head-coaching job. The Flingeraner officially confirmed FC Freiburg II trainer as their new head coach today.

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