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In lieu of Sørloth, Mainz interested in taking Leipzig's Hwang on loan

By Peter Vice   @ViceytheSS

Mainz's Allgemeine Zeitung claims that there is effectively nothing to recent rumors linking Leipzig striker Alexander Sørloth with a potential move to die Nullfünfter. 

Both the Mainz daily and a Leipzig counterpart nevertheless do link another RB attacker with a potential move to the Pfalz. 
Hee-chan Hwang.
Hee-chan Hwang.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Felix Roittner
A potential loan-out for Leipzig's Alexander Sørloth has been a subject of rampant speculation since the very first hours after the 2020/21 German Bundesliga campaign concluded. The basis of this talk came from a purported initial roster assessment undertaken by the incoming coaching regime of Jesse Marsch which reportedly placed the Norwegian in fifth place on the attacking depth chart.

The most recent rumors have Sørloth either slated for an internal loan within the Bundesliga or heading back to Trabzonspor in Turkey. According to Mainz's Allgemeine Zeitung, the former possibility is highly unlikely. Unable to find a taker for Sørloth, Marsch may instead be focusing on finding a place for the forward placed fourth on his supposed depth chart: former RB Salzburg striker Hee-Chan Hwang.

Both the Mainz newspaper and Leipzig's "Volkszeitung" report that Mainz wish to take the South Korean international in on loan. Something like this would make a great deal of sense from the Rheinhessen perspective, though it seems unlikely that Marsch would wish to ship out one of the players who served under him in his previous appointment.

Neither source divulges any concrete information about potential talks.

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