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Bielefeld - Frankfurt

Germany: Bundesliga
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Frankfurt J. Hauge (22)

Krösche and Hinteregger comment on Kostic situation: "It's the wrong way."

By Peter Vice

Both Eintracht Frankfurt sporting director Markus Krösche and defender Martin Hinteregger were questioned about the Filip Kostic matter during the team's 1-1 draw with Bielefeld on Saturday. 

Markus Krösche.
Markus Krösche.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Roger Petzsche

After a training boycott on Friday, Serbian star winger Filip Kostic's future in the Bundesliga remains up in the air. New SGE sporting director Markus Krösche remained diplomatic when questioned about the matter by his Sky Germany interviewer on Saturday.

"Filip is a truly good lad," Krösche emphasized before kickoff, "Sometimes people make mistakes. I don't know what motivated him to act in this way, but it's definitely the wrong way."

An editorial appearing on the online pages of Germany's preeminent footballing publication this morning called for Krösche to refuse a transfer for Kostic, even going so far as to bench him for the remainder of the "Hin-runde". Kostic's actions at this point in the transfer window place his club in a bad negotiating position.

Krösche stressed that there was "no price tag at all" for Kostic, suggesting that he entertained no thoughts of completing a transfer with Lazio. The man wearing the captain's armband on Saturday chided his interviewer for bringing up the topic.

"Filip is an exceptional player who has given us so much," Martin Hinteregger said after the match, "Don't blow this out of proportion. Don't get bent out of shape. [Reintegrating him into the team] would be the smallest of small problems."

1S. Ortega Moreno
27C. Brunner
2A. Pieper
4J. Nilsson
5J. Laursen ↪61
11M. Okugawa
16F. Kunze ↪81
19M. Prietl (C)
21R. Hack
9F. Klos
18F. Krüger ↪71
13S. Kapino
10B. Lasme ↩71
3G. Ramos
6L. Czyborra ↩61
15N. De Medina
20P. Wimmer ↩81
37V. Cherny
1K. Trapp
37E. Durm
2E. N'Dicka
13M. Hinteregger (C)
25C. Lenz
8D. Sow
7A. Hrustic
23J. Hauge
15D. Kamada ↪73
29J. Lindstrøm ↪81
19R. Borré ↪89
40D. Ramaj
21R. Ache ↩81
39G. Paciência ↩89
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24D. da Costa
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3S. Ilsanker
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27A. Barkok ↩73

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