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Scout squads for Matchday 7

By Rune Gjerulff   @runegjerulff

Here are our Fantasy Bundesliga scout squad picks for the seventh matchday of the 2021/22 season.
Christopher Nkunku.
Christopher Nkunku.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Roger Petzsche
Our Fantasy Bundesliga writers have each selected a squad of 10 outfield players for the upcoming matchday.

In order to make our teams more variable, all formations are allowed, each squad must not cost more than 100 million and can only contain players that are owned by less than 15% of Fantasy Bundesliga managers.

Additionally, each manager is allowed to pick a captain that will earn him double points and can choose a maximum of three players from the same team.

Without further ado, here are our squads for the upcoming matchday:

Rune Gjerulff (price, ownership):
Joe Scally, Gladbach (2.1M, 10%)
Benno Schmitz, FC Köln (4.7M, 4%)
Angelino, RB Leipzig (14.1M, 13%)

Florian Kainz, FC Köln (7.8M, 10%)
Julian Brandt, Dortmund (10.1M, 0%)
Vincenzo Grifo, Freiburg (12.6M, 3%)
Christopher Nkunku, RB Leipzig (14.9M, 10%) ©

Anthony Modeste, FC Köln (7.4M, 7%)
Emil Forsberg, RB Leipzig (11.5M, 3%)
Marco Reus, Dortmund (13.7M, 7%)

Christian Andrick:
Christopher Trimmel, Union (10.5M, 3%)
Christian Günter, Freiburg (12.1M, 10%)
Mitchel Bakker, Leverkusen (7.6M, 8%)

Christoph Baumgartner, Hoffenheim (11.7M, 2%)
Ondrej Duda, FC Köln (9.5M, 1%)
Kerem Demirbay, Leverkusen (11.5M, 1%) ©
Maximilian Arnold, Wolfsburg (12.3M, 3%)

Yussuf Poulsen, Leipzig (10.9M, 1%)
Andreas Voglsammer, Union (6.2M, 0%)
Ihlas Bebou, Hoffenheim (7.7M, 0%)

Jerall Yu:
Benno Schmitz, Koln (4.7M, 4%)
Christian Günter, Freiburg (12.1M, 10%)
Lucas Hernandez, Bayern (12.1M, 4%)
Jorge Mere, Koln (2.5M, 0%)

Christopher Nkunku, Leipzig (14.9M, 12%) ©
Florian Kainz, Koln (7.8M, 10%)
Vincenzo Grifo, Freiburg (12.6M, 3%)

Yussuf Poulsen, Leipzig (10.9M, 1%)
Anthony Modeste, Koln (7.4M, 8%)
Leroy Sane, Bayern (14.5M, 4%)

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