By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Andersson hits back at Keller's accusations: "There's been so much untrue crap written."

Speaking on the Swedish Sunday football program "Fotbollskanalen Europa", 1. FC Köln striker Sebastian Andersson vehemently denied that he opted to remain with his current Bundesliga club in order to collect an easy paycheck. 
Responding to public statements from 1. FC Köln sporting director Christian Keller on Friday, Swedish striker Sebastian Andersson has defended his decision to undergo knee surgery while remaining under contract with his current Bundesliga club. Andersson, whom Köln would have very much liked to get off the payroll during the recently closed transfer window, went under the knife Friday in Copenhagen.

"It's been frustrating to have to stay silent for so long," Andersson said on Sunday, "There was so much crap written that wasn't true, and that makes me angry. It wasn't about my salary. That hurt me."

"It's true that there were some offers, but in almost all cases it failed because my meniscus had to be repaired," Andersson insisted, "The doctors at Brøndby confirmed that. There's been so much pain. I didn't want to walk around with it anymore. It would be nice to play for Köln when I'm healthy."

For it's part, the cathedral city club did issue a statement saying it both "supported and respected" Andersson's decision. The club's release wished the 31-year-old a "speedy recovery" and reiterated that the club backed him after a "trusting, honest, and open exchange" with the striker about the options.

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