Germany: Bundesliga
2 - 3
(1 - 2)
Schalke 04
S. Terodde (33), T. Krauß (63)
E. Demirović (9), E. Demirović (21), M. Berisha (71), A. Hahn (77)
By Jonathan Dicks@Jonathan_Dicks

Terodde says he may have overreacted in scrum with Gikiewicz

At the final whistle, Schalke striker Simon Terodde sprinted angrily towards Augsburg's Rafal Gikiewicz after it looked like the goalkeeper was making gestures at Schalke supporters.
Tensions rang high after Schalke's home defeat against Augsburg, as several players from both sides had to be separated after the game. In particular, Schalke's Simon Terodde was extremely upset with Augsburg keeper Rafal Gikiewicz, who was staring down Schalke supporters at the final whistle.

Augsburg coach Enrico Maaßen tried to defend his player after the game: "(Gikiewicz) said that he was hit by a lighter. He repelled it and then made these gestures. But I'll definitely look at it again because I didn't notice it myself."

This is not Gikiewicz's first incident involving an opposing fan base, as most recently tried to provoke Werder Bremen ultras after an Augsburg win in September.

Terodde stated that, "Maybe I overreacted a little. I'm very emotional - and if you lose such a game, it hurts a lot. It's then about defending your own colors. He should take the three points with him and go to Augsburg."

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