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Scout squads for Matchday 10

By Rune Gjerulff   @runegjerulff

Here are our Fantasy Bundesliga scout squad picks for Matchday 10.
Two of our Fantasy Bundesliga writers have each selected a squad of 10 outfield players for the 10th matchday of the season.

In order to make our teams more variable, all formations are allowed, each squad cannot cost more than 100M and can only contain players owned by less than 20% of the Fantasy Bundesliga managers.

In addition, each manager is allowed to select a captain, who earns double points, and can only select up to three players from the same team.

Without further ado, here are our squads for the upcoming matchday:

Rune Gjerulff (price, ownership):
Aurelio Buta, Eintracht Frankfurt (8.7M, 1%)
Robin Gosens, Union Berlin (11.5M, 11%)
Benjamin Henrichs, RB Leipzig (12.4M, 14%)

Tim Skarke, Darmstadt (4.5M, 3%)
Ansgar Knauff, Eintracht Frankfurt (8M, 0%)
Enzo Millot, Stuttgart (8.2M, 5%)
Kevin Stöger, Bochum (9.8M, 13%)

Deniz Undav, Stuttgart (9.1M, 1%)
Jonas Wind, Wolfsburg (12.1M, 11%)
Lois Openda, RB Leipzig (15.6M, 15%) ©

Ultán Corcoran:
Joakim Mæhle, Wolfsburg (8M, 4%)
Hiroki Ito, Stuttgart (7.6M, 9%)
Benjamin Henrichs, RB Leipzig (12.4M, 12%)

Florian Kainz, FC Köln (11.4M, 2%)
Kevin Stöger, Bochum (9.8M, 13%)
Fares Chaïbi, Frankfurt (8.4M, 0%)
Tim Skarke, Darmstadt (4.5M, 3%)

Deniz Undav, Stuttgart (9.1M, 1%)
Loïs Openda, RB Leipzig (15.6M, 15%) ©
Jonas Wind, Wolfsburg (12.1M, 11%)

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