By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Füllkrug on being reunified with Ducksch: "The 'ugly birds' go international."

Appearing together at a DFB press conference today, former SV Werder Bremen teammates Niclas Füllkrug and Marvin Ducksch revealed that they started a special nickname whilst working together in the Hanseatic city-state. 
Much of the media attention emanating from a DFB presser this afternoon focused on statements from Borussia Dortmund striker Niclas Füllkrug clarifying his words in a post-match interview following Dortmund's latest league loss. Füllkrug - photographed arm-in-arm with his former club and now new national team colleague Marvin Ducksch - also had some interesting words on what it was like to once again be working with his former SV Werder Bremen teammate.

"The 'ugly birds' are going international," Füllkrug said, sporting an enormous grin that showcased the famous gap in his teeth, "I invented the nickname way back ugly birds back then and didn't think we would really be called that. I also got a rub from 'Duckschi' at the time and he can decide whether we continue to be called that."

Ducksch made clear that he rather liked the moniker, adding that "we made a name for ourselves with that" after Füllkrug was finished speaking. Ducksch went on to describe his on-pitch relationship with his long-time attacking partner in the most glowing of terms. Füllkrug also noted that he had come up with the classification based on the fact that they were both "hard-nosed, street footballers".

"We shared very special experiences," Füllkrig continued, "we've also got on with each other on the pitch in a way that I've never experienced with any other player in my career."

"It worked so well for such a long time," Ducksch added, "All is as it was before."

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