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Nagelsmann reflects on Kroos' return, confirms plan to play Kimmich at right-back

In a wide-ranging interview with Der Spiegel, Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann addressed a number of topics, including the return of Toni Kroos and his plans with Joshua Kimmich.
On Thursday, it was announced that Toni Kroos will come out of retirement to play for Germany at this summer's European Championship on home soil.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Nagelsmann reflected on the veteran midfielder's return:

"He will fit perfectly into the team we have in mind as a connecting player in midfield. His experience will help us. Kroos has a special role at his club Real Madrid - he guides young players and shows them how to work together in a team," Nagelsmann said.

"Toni is a player who stays calm and composed even in a tight European Championship game and who you can always pass to under pressure. Toni has a very clear view of the state of our national team. With every conversation I had with him, I felt that he was getting more and more enthusiastic about being at the home Euros and supporting us," he added.

The Germany coach went on to allay fears that Kroos' return could cause hierarchy problems within the squad.

"I spoke to a lot of players on the phone beforehand and listened carefully to see if anyone could have a problem with Kroos. On the contrary, everyone was very positive," said Nagelsmann.

In the interview, Nagelsmann also confirmed that he plans to play Joshua Kimmich at right-back instead of in central midfield.

"Incidentally, he would have played at right-back even if Kroos had not returned. Of course, every player has a favorite position. If I were to ask Manuel Neuer, he would definitely like to dictate the play in midfield, which he might be able to do. But he's much better as a goalkeeper.

"What I mean is: In the national team, you have to subordinate yourself. You are a servant for your country. That's Kimmich," he said.

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