By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Hainer and Freund maintain that Tuchel will finish the season

Bayern München head-coach Thomas Tuchel, club President Herbert Hainer, and sporting director Christoph Freund have insisted that - following the announcement that trainer Thomas Tuchel will be leaving the German giants at the end of the season - the plan remains to finish the season with Tuchel in charge. 

Most all German footballing media sources presently report that former Borussia Mönchengladbach and RB Leipzig administrator Max Eberl will be unveiled as Bayern's new chief personnel executive sometime next week. The German giants appear set to wait for Eberl's official installment over the summer before making their next move.
The announcement that Thomas Tuchel and FC Bayern München will be parting company at the end of the season hasn't done much to stem speculation that Bayern might ultimately opt to finish out the year with a different coach on the sidelines. Conducting his pre-match interview with Sky Germany on Saturday evening, Tuchel himself expressed frustration that this was still the case.

"We had hoped to avoid such speculation," Tuchel told his interviewer when asked about the possibility of him leaving his position earlier than expected, "It didn't work as we're talking about it seconds before kickoff in the first match."

Tuchel brushed off questions about feeling like a lame-duck and insisted that he didn't have the feeling of "being a millstone around the club's neck". Some wear and tear on Tuchel's face was apparent as he did have to already field similar questions at a Friday presser. Sporting director Christoph Freund and club president Herbert Hainer have both stressed that decisions on the next head-coach will be deferred until after the season.

"A sensible analysis is works best and is most necessary," Freund told German journalist Mario Krischel of Germany's Kicker Magazine, "Then we'll put everything on the table and decide how to proceed."

"Of course we have to sit down at the end of the season," Hainer added, "and then analyze why things aren't going so well. We want things to work out with the head-coach in the long-term. We will consider this and analyze it very carefully."

The words of those involved in the most recently arrived at decision and the one to come seem to suggest that - when the expected unveiling of former Gladbach and Leipzig administrator Max Eberl as the club's new board-member-for-sport comes next week - Eberl's appointment will not begin until the summer.

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