By Michael Kryschak@michaelkryschak

Exciting new market value updates for Bundesliga stars has updated the market values for many Bundesliga players. Who got upgraded and who lost out this time around?
Just after the last international break before this year's Euro 2024, has released many new market values. Some Bundesliga players were able to double or even triple their worth!

The biggest winner from this new release was Bayern's shooting star Aleksandar Pavlović: his market value got upgraded from €2 million to €25 million - an increase of €23 million.

Other players who got their values increased were Hoffenheim's youngster Maximilian Beier (+€12m to now €24m) and Dortmund's loanee Ian Maatsen (+€10m to now €30m).

The players of the arguably two most overperforming teams in the Bundesliga this season, Leverkusen and Stuttgart, got many new upgrades. You can find a full list of all the upgrades and downgrades down below!

While one Bayern star is besting the up grade list, another one is on top of the downgrade list: Joshua Kimmich. Even though his recent performances as a right back have been rated well, his market value dropped from previously €75 million to now €60 million - a loss of €15 million.

"Der Rekordmeister" currently experience an unsatisfying season and the new market values confirm exactly that: stars like Leroy Sané (€80m to €70m), Leon Goretzka (€40m to €30m) and even Mathys Tel (€50m to €40m) all got downgraded by €10 million.

The next update is expected to be released after the 2023/24 season has finished. Let's see which players can make a final impact for their teams and their own personal market value until they'll be judged again.

Biggest market value winners:
1. A.Pavlović (FCB): +23m - new market value: 25m
2. M.Beier (TSG): +12m - new market value: 24m
3. I.Maatsen (BVB): +10m - new market value: 30m
- B.Sesko (RBL): +10m - new market value: 40m
- A.Grimaldo (B04): +10m - new market value: 45m
- X.Simons (RBL): +10m - new market value: 80m
- F.Wirtz (B04): +10m - new market value: 110m
8. M.Mittelstädt (VFB): +9m - new market value: 14m
9. W.Anton (VFB): +8m - new market value: 18m
- J.Stanisić (B04): +8m - new market value: 18m
- C.Führich (VFB): +8m - new market value: 25m
- E.Demirović (FCA): +8m - new market value: 28m

Biggest market value drops:
1. J.Kimmich (FCB): -15m - new market value: 60m
2. M.Koné (BMG): -10m - new market value: 25m
- L.Goretzka (FCB): -10m - new market value: 30m
- M.Tel (FCB): -10m - new market value: 40m
- D.Upamecano (FCB): -10m - new market value: 50m
- A.Davies (FCB): -10m - new market value: 60m
- L.Sané (FCB): -10m - new market value: 70m
8. S.Kalajdzić (SGE): -6m - new market value: 5m
- M.Dahoud (VFB): -6m - new market value: 8m
10. J.Wind (WOB): -5m - new market value: 20m
- Y.Moukoko (BVB): -5m - new market value: 25m
- N.Schlotterbeck (BVB): -5m - new market value: 30m
- M. Kim (FCB): -5m - new market value: 55m

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