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Irked Hector sounds off on post-match interviewer after Köln loss: "It's your job to ask stupid questions."

FC Köln captain Jonas Hector found himself far too frustrated to deal with post-match interviewer Sebastian Benesch of German broadcaster DAZN following Wednesday's disappointing 0-1 home loss at the RheinEnergieStadion. 

After an emotional rollercoaster ride of a season, the 30-year-old didn't care much for what he perceived to be leading questions. 
As has often been the case during this exceedingly stressful season, Geißböcke skipper Jonas Hector could be relied upon to bring the passion. The scenes of him catatonically sitting inconsolably on the pitch after a round 28 loss to FSV Mainz 05 seemed to seal his club's relegation came to be considered one of season's defining moments.

After last Saturday's 1-0 victory over Schalke ensured his side the relegation playoffs, the Effzeh captain reported feeling wildly mercurial and intense emotions.

It was perhaps for these reasons that post-match interviewer Sebastian Benesch of Germany's DAZN streaming service invited Hector to share his feelings once again after a 0-1 defeat against 2. Bundesliga side Holstein Kiel placed his team's survival hopes in serious jeopardy.

Benesch began by inviting Hector to "blow off some steam". The veteran was having none of it.

"Why should I let off some steam here?" the 30-year-old asked with noticeable irritation.

Benesch tried again a little later, asking Hector how empty he felt inside by be 0-2 on the away-goals rule heading into Saturday's second-leg.

"Always these shitty questions," Hector quipped, now evidently in the mood to let off some steam, "How empty...that's your job; to ask stupid questions. You're good at it too. The thing is: I'm not empty. I just played 90 minutes. I'm disappointed that we lost the game, but we have an opportunity to do better on Saturday and turn this around."

Benesch dug in more, responding "And another 'stupid question' to conclude with: 'How important will this mentality be of saying that 'we're only halfway through with the playoff' be between now and Saturday?'".

"I don't really have the answer to that now," Hector said before storming off.

Certainly known as the more quiet and unassuming type over the course of his career, Hector's unbecoming demeanor definitely seemed indicative of a captain under extraordinary pressure.

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