WC Qualification Europe
6 - 0
(4 - 0)
S. Gnabry (6), S. Gnabry (15), M. Reus (35), T. Werner (45), J. Hofmann (52), K. Adeyemi (90)
By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Goretzka and Flick speak on role of fans in victory: "It was balm for the soul."

The 18,000 strong crowd in Stuttgart provided excellent aesthetics for football viewers watching the German national team defeat Armenia 6-0 on Sunday night.

In their post-match comments midfield linchpin Leon Goretzka and trainer Hansi Flick also acknowledged how much the return of live supporters meant to them.
For Serge Gnabry and Timo Werner, it was a chance to shine in front of a hometown crowd. Leroy Sané--furnisher of a strong performance in the victory--got a chance to hear supportive applause instead of boos. Sané's Bayern teammate Leon Goretzka spoke to the RTL microphones only after spending some time visiting the fans in the stands. The 25-year-old then expressed his appreciation for the support.

"It was just a completely different game today," the supplier of two assists remarked afterwards, "The support was extraordinary. We made the rounds after the game. You see the flags waving and look into gleaming eyes and shining faces. That was balm for our souls. That's what football is all about."

Bundestrainer Hansi Flick also had grateful words reserved for the crowd after his first home match in charge of die Nationalmannschaft.

"There's always a great atmosphere in Stuttgart," Flick mused, "The team delivered a great performance. The spectators provided an inspiring atmosphere. It was a co-production. After having not experienced that for some time, it gave you goosebumps."

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