By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Bochum installs new monitoring technology ahead of weekend fixture

In order to prevent a repeat of the incident that led to a home fixture being forfeited three weeks ago, VfL Bochum has installed new video technology in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. 

VfL Bochum prepares to host its first home fixture since a home match against Gladbach was abandoned on March 18th on Sunday. In addition to several stern public statements on behalf of the club and some of the local ultra societies, fans will be monitored closely by a new video technology capable of zooming in and providing high-resolution images of fans.

The club decided against a blanket punishment that would ban all alcohol sales in the stands. The specific individual who threw a plastic beer mug that struck the head of linesman Christian Gittelmann has since been identified via the video monitoring system active in the stadium at the time, eyewitness accounts, and even (the club claims) "DNA evidence".

Charges were officially filed against an un-identified 38-year-old assailant in a local court last Thursday. The club publicly threatened any future perpetrators with an immediate lifetime stadium ban. Several local ultra societies have released statements calling for "true fan culture" to be on display against Leverkusen on Sunday.

The abandoned match against Gladbach has since officially been awarded to the visitors. Bochum still awaits further sanction from the DFB sports court at a later date. The club will undoubtedly incur financial penalties for the incident.

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