By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Munich granted extension on issue of European Championship hosting privileges

Cities hosting European Championship matches were scheduled to report to the UEFA executive committee today on their fan concepts and general readiness.

However, on a chaotic day precipitated by unexpected "European Super League" bombshell, UEFA has granted an extension to three cities still on the fence.

The Bavarian city of Munich, scheduled to host four fixtures in June and July, now has until Friday to submit its plan for live spectators. 
The Allianz Arena is slated to host the German national team's three group stage games during this summer's European Championship, still known as "Euro 2020" after last year's postponement. Additionally, July 2nd quarterfinal is to take place in the home Arena of FC Bayern München.

The Bavarian capital still stands to lose hosting privileges if local authorities cannot submit a plan for spectators. UEFA has publicly urged the twelve hosting cities to guarantee at least 25 percent stadium occupancy rate.

London, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Rome, Budapest, Buchtest, and Baku have already supplied guarantees of this capacity minimum.. Munich, Dublin, and Bilbao have been unable to do so. The Irish and Spanish cities have also received an extension.

Munich is one of only two German Bundesliga cities, Gelsenkirchen being the second, who have not allowed some spectators through the turnstiles over the course of the global pandemic. The remaining sixteen Bundesliga clubs took advantage of a federal six-week 20-percent-capacity trial period in September and October 2020 to allow small numbers of supporters onto the grounds.

Munich Mayer Dieter Reiter has remained noncommittal throughout the course of the UEFA process. An interview with Reiter in yesterday's edition one of Germany's major Sunday circulars, "Die Welt am Sonntag", suggested that the city is not prepared to commit to anything.

"At this point in time, it's simply not possible to make a statement as to whether the infection situation in June will allow spectators to enter the stadium or not," Reiter is quoted as saying.

UEFA has made clear that cities not prepared to submit detailed plans may lose their hosting privileges.

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