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Sport Bild Report: Donyell Malen deal threatens to collapse under weight of €40 million demand

By Peter Vice

According to Germany's main sporting tabloid, a Bundesliga transfer deal once thought to be absolutely safe is in danger of collapsing. 

Donyell Malen.
Donyell Malen.

When it comes to the stall on PSV Eindhoven's transfer of Donyell Malen to Borussia Dortmund, ascertaining why the deal hasn't been confirmed depends very much on which German source one reads.

Germany's Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung has little new to report. The BVB doesn't wish to pay a transfer fee in excess of €30 million, particularly not if it means enriching one of footballs most notorious hard-nosed power brokers to the tune of €9 million.

Both the WAZ and the Ruhr Nachrichten report that the Schwarzgelben prefer to take a stand against Malen's agent, Mina Raiola, now. The famous footballing agent also represents Erling Haaland. This naturally means that, at some point in the very near future, the German club may find their own profits comprised by Raiola's commission demands.

Both the WAZ and RN seem to think that the re-sale apportionment to Malen's old club Arsenal isn't a genuine issue. Neither, evidently, is reported interest from other clubs such as Liverpool. Malen has already agreed to terms with Dortmund and some additional haggling over the transfer fee seems to be the only remaining matter to be clarified.

Could there be anything that threatens to break the deal? Anything published by a sporting tabloid that specializes in the sensational should be taken in context. Germany's Bild-Zeitung nevertheless reports that the actual transfer demands may exceed €40 million. This would amount to ransoming Dortmund; presuming that they are desperate to replace the departing Jadon Sancho.

The "Bild-Zeitung" cites this figure and, accordingly, notes that it could kill the deal.

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