1860 München - Waldhof Mannheim

Germany: 3. Liga
1860 München
Rasenplatz BSA Heinrich-Wieland-Straße
Waldhof Mannheim

Waldhof's visit to 1860 München cancelled

By Jamie Allen

A covid outbreak has forced the clash to be postponed

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SV Waldhof Mannheim has had an outbreak of several positive covid tests and therefore had their trip to 1860 München called off.

The DFB was informed of the outbreak on Friday afternoon. They have since approved Waldhof's request to have the game postponed.

Due to quartine rules, Waldhof would have only had 16 eligible players for their match in Bavaria.

The game, which was due to take place tomorrow afternoon, will have to be rescheduled to a later date.

It is not yet confirmed when the fixture will be played.

It's not the first time that an outbreak has stopped play in the 3. Liga this season. MSV Duisburg had to wait two weeks before they could begin their season back in late August, early September.

Lineups are posted about an hour before kickoff

Most recent lineups
1860 München

3. Liga
Havelse - 1860 München 2-3
1Marco Hiller
20Yannick Deichmann
27Semi Belkahia
6Stephan Salger
36Philipp Steinhart
31Richard Neudecker ↩69
19Merveille Biankadi ↩80
14Dennis Dressel
15Marcel Bär ↩80
7Stefan Lex ↩69
9Sascha Mölders ↩89
40Tom Kretzschmar
11Fabian Greilinger ↪80
22Tim Linsbichler ↪89
30Milos Cocic
16Kevin Goden
25Marius Willsch ↪69
5Quirin Moll ↪80
23Keanu Staude ↪69
Waldhof Mannheim

3. Liga
Duisburg - Waldhof Mannheim 1-3
1Timo Königsmann
17Marcel Costly
5Marcel Seegert
2Niklas Sommer
4Jesper Verlaat
35Hamza Saghiri ↩77
37Marco Höger ↩46
13Marc Schnatterer ↩69
9Joseph Boyamba
19Anton Donkor
11Dominik Martinović ↩86
23Jan-Christoph Bartels
30Lucien Hawryluk
3E Kouadio
29Gillian Jurcher ↪86
6Stefano Russo ↪77
8Fridolin Wagner ↪46
20Adrien Lebeau ↪69
24Marcel Gottschling
25Baris Ekincier

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