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Bundesliga News

Bundesliga News

Report: Löw's job is safe, no matter the result in France

By Bulinews Team

Saturday's 3-0 defeat to the Netherlands has heaped the pressure on Joachim Löw, but reportedly, his job is safe even if Germany lose in France on Tuesday.

Joachim Löw.
Joachim Löw.

Germany coach Joachim Löw has come under increased pressure after Saturday's 0-3 loss to the Netherlands, but he will reportedly keep his job even if 'Die Mannschaft' suffer another defeat against France on Tuesday.

According to Sport1, the German Football Association (DFB) bosses are still behind Löw. In addition to that, there is currently no plan B, and they want to avoid a situation where the already struggling national team will be without a coach for a longer period.

After the 0-3 defeat, Löw was asked if the game against the Netherlands could be one of his last tasks as Germany coach, and he responded that it isn't up to him and that he doesn't have any plans of resigning "at the moment".

Meanwhile, DFB president Reinhardt Grindel said on Sunday that it's important to "stand together as a team on and off the pitch", adding that difficult phases should be expected.

Löw's job was already heavily questioned after the disappointing World Cup that saw Germany crash out at the group stages, but it was decided that he should carry on.

The 58-year-old has been Germany coach since 2006. His current contract runs until 2022.

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