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Mainz to permanently sign strikers Ingvartsen and Burgzorg for €2 million apiece

By Peter Vice   @ViceytheSS

In response to an enquiry from German footballing magazine Kicker, FSV Mainz sporting CEO Christian Heidel has confirmed that the club will exercise  purchase clauses for strikers Marcus Ingvartsen and Delano Burgzorg.

In the case of Ingvartsen, a €2 million obligatory purchase clause is actually built into the attacker's loan arrangement with Union Berlin. The clause activates with Mainz's avoidance of relegation.
Marcus Ingvartsen.
Marcus Ingvartsen. Photo: Mainz 05
As has been reported upon for some weeks, FSV Mainz 05 plan to purchase Heracles Almelo striker Delano Burgzorg irrespective of some of his recent health issues. Further confirmation of this deal was obtained by Michael Ebert of German footballing magazine Kicker on Wednesday evening.

Ebert spoke to Rheinhessen sporting CEO Christian Heidel directly. The Mainz administrator specifically noted that "Burgzorg will stay".

Ebert also managed too obtain verbal confirmation on a new previously unreported upon deal set to take place. Mainz have an automatic purchase obligation for on-loan Union Berlin striker Marcus Ingvartsen, which now takes effect since the club has effectively avoided relegation.

Heidel spoke on Ingvartsen as well. In his report, Ebert offers no new information of the rumored purchase of a third loanee, Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Dominik Kohr. Ebert does reveal that Burgzorg and Ingvartsen should cost approximately €2 million each.

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