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Hummels credits improved play with change in eating habits

By Jonathan Dicks   @Jonathan_Dicks

Speaking with Sport1, Mats Hummels discussed how healthier eating habits have really made a difference in his play to begin the season.
Mats Hummels.
Mats Hummels.Photo: Steffen Prößdorf, CC BY-SA 4.0
In a conversation with Sport1, Mats Hummels knew he needed to make changes this summer and nutrition expert Nahni Franke provided the motivation: "With all due respect to his great career, I told him that either you're changing something now or (your career) can be over faster than you would like!"

Franke added that, "Mats was a real sweet tooth. It was difficult for him to avoid chocolate or ice cream. This is how we came up with the idea of developing our food balls. You have the feeling that you eat something sweet, but in the end there are only good things in it that help the body and serve as delicious energy suppliers."

Ever since these 'food balls', Hummels has been indispensable to BVB and even supplanted Niklas Süle in the starting lineup: "Since I have known Nahni's food balls, I can do much better with sweets. I actually eat much less fish and meat. Not entirely without, but much less. I'll leave out wheat. I also eat a lot of vegan dishes."

"I was not satisfied with last season and that was definitely an incentive to use the longest summer break of my career to be in top shape even before the actual season preparation. There were some extra shifts on vacation - runs, gym sessions, but also a lot of tennis, for example. I benefit from this now."

Hummels hopes to continue his excellent form in league play to potentially earn himself a spot on Hansi Flick's World Cup squad.

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