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Gündogan doesn't understand whistles from the German fans

By Bulinews Team

Ilkay Gündogan finds it hard to understand why Germany were whistled by their own fans during Wednesday's game against Serbia.

Ilkay Gündogan.
Ilkay Gündogan.Photo: Granada, CC-by-SA 4.0
Germany's first-half performance against Serbia in Wednesday's 1-1 draw drew whistles from their own fans.

'Die Mannschaft' were behind 0-1 at half-time, and - much to the frustration of Ilkay Gündogan - the German fans showed their dissatisfaction by whistling at their own players.

"It doesn't help at the end of the day. We know that people are expecting something, and if we don't live up to that, we'll get whistled. For me, it's not understandable to be honest," Gündogan told DPA.

Joshua Kimmich admitted he was 'surprised' by the reaction from the German fans as well.

"I understand that people are starting to get impatient and want to see victories. But we're going through a change. They should give us a few games," the Bayern München star said.

Meanwhile, Leon Goretzka said the team is responsible for making the fans happy again.

"It's up to us to silence the whistles and to make sure there will be cheering and joy again," the midfielder underlined.

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