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'I'm sorry for Niko Kovac'

By Rune Gjerulff

Stefan Effenberg feels Bayern München Niko Kovac is treated unfairly.

Niko Kovac.
Niko Kovac.Photo: Werner100359, CC-by-SA 4.0

Bayern München coach Niko Kovac has been backed by Stefan Effenberg who feels he's victim to an unfair amount of criticism.

"Bayern are top of the Bundesliga and have reached the semi-final in the cup. Nevertheless, there are constantly discussions and speculations about Niko Kovac. I have to say, honestly, it makes me sick," Effenberg wrote in a column for t-online.de.

"Kovac either gets criticized from his own ranks or questioned from the outside. That is disrespectful," he added.

Bayern München CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently refused to guarantee that Kovac's job is safe by saying that 'there are no job guarantees' at the Bavarian club, and Effenberg finds it hard to understand why the 63-year-old felt the need to say so.

"In particular, I can't understand the statements that Karl-Heinz Rummenigge made during his TV appearance on Sky," Effenberg wrote in his column and added:

"These statements give me a stomach ache. I'm sorry for Niko Kovac. 'Kalle' Rummenigge has to be aware that this would cause a media storm and cost the coach a lot of energy."

Kovac joined Bayern München from Eintracht Frankfurt last summer.

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