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Julian Nagelsmann stresses importance of summer transfer market amid corona crisis

By Henrik Petersen

Julian Nagelsmann doesn't believe football needs a transfer ban this summer.

Julian Nagelsmann.
Julian Nagelsmann.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Sven Sonntag

RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann doesn't think it would be wise to not open the summer transfer window at all due to to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We need the cash flow in football, a certain financial viability. But there could be other conditions for the transfer window. Perhaps it could be a little shorter or later in the year," Nagelsmann told Bild.

The 32-year-old points out that selling players can be a huge help for clubs that have been put in financial trouble by the current crisis.

"Clubs in trouble can counteract this by selling players. Maybe a few squads will become weaker. But it's better to have a weaker team than no club at all."

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