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Schalke’s hardship application raises flags

By Christian Andrick

FC Schalke 04 irks fans with "hardship application". Anyone requesting immediate refund must provide a valid reason.

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For season ticket holders, the only way to get a refund before January 1, 2022 is to fill out an application stating urgent need, such as unemployment.

Many fans were unhappy with this stance. The team changed their tune after the backlash.

According to kicker.de, the club admitted "Mistakes in handling ticket refunds".

"The club and the staff of the service center apologize to all fans in all their forms. We could and should have put it better."

"Any request from fans who are in need of an immediate refund of the ticket price for economic reasons will be dealt with benevolently. No one will have to submit receipts, and of course no one will."

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