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Götze: "I still want to win the Champions League"

By Peter Vice

Germany's one time World Cup hero remains only 28 years of age. In a interview on Thursday, a jobless Götze reiterated that he has no plans to retire.

Mario Götze.
Mario Götze.Photo: Borussia Dortmund

Where will Mario Götze continue his career? The iconic scorer of Germany’s 2014 World-winning-goal made clear in an interview with German footballing magazine Kicker that he’s not yet prepared to go same route as the man who supplied him with the assist in that match. Former Dortmund teammate André Schürrle may have retired this summer, but Götze wishes to play on.

The Financial Aspect
Götze denied that his desire to continue his career had anything to do with money. "In the past, even before the Corona outbreak, it was often portrayed as if my central concern was money. That was not and is not the case," Götze explained, "The financial aspect plays an ancillary role for me."

"The truly important factors for me are the athletic ones," he continued, "I want to compete and prove myself at the highest level. I want to show that I can help every team. My longing for football is very strong."

Grand Ambitions
Götze noted that he still has lofty ambitions. "I absolutely want to win the Champions League," he divulged, "That drives me every day. I don't want to end my career without having won that title at least once."

Götze emphasized that this objective could be accomplished in Germany. "I never said that I had to leave the Bundesliga," he noted, "There are plenty of ambitious clubs in Germany."

On the next destination
Götze declined to discuss any specific rumors, but did confirm that he had been in contact with some organizations. "I've spoken with several clubs and coaches in the past weeks."

The 28-year-old said he hoped to have a home by October 5th. As an unattached free-agent, Götze could sign for any club after the transfer deadline, but he expressed hope that it would not come to that.

"October 5th is the date in my head, on which I wish to have greater clarity about my future. I really want to play football again. The sooner the better."

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