Estonia - Czech Republic

Europe: WC Qualification Europe
Estonia R. Sappinen (12), H. Anier (86)
A. Le Coq ArenaFull time2-6
Czech Republic P. Schick (18), A. Barák (27), T. Souček (32), T. Souček (43), T. Souček (48), J. Jankto (56)

COVID restrictions limit Schick, Pavlenka, Darida, and Kaderabek to partial call up

By Peter Vice

The off-pitch organizational tricks and flicks continue ahead of next week's international break. One national team has apparently found a way around the Bundesrepublik's travel restrictions. 

Bundesliga Czech internationals Patrik Schick, Jiri Pavlenka, Vladmir Darida, and Pavel Kaderabek will evidently being headed to Estonia and back again via private jet. 

Patrik Schick.
Patrik Schick.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Sven Sonntag

News broke yesterday that Austria's national football team would have to do without three Bundesliga professionals for their upcoming World Cup qualifier in Scotland. The Czech Republic's national football team faces a similar situation ahead of a March 27th qualifier against Belgium in Prague and a March 30th fixture against Wales in Cardiff.

Both countries are classified by Germany's Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as areas where the prevalence of COVID variants requires a federally mandated 14-quarantine for travelers to and from. This restriction applies until the end of March.

By contrast, the same does not apply to Estonia, where the Czech national team squares off against their Baltic group foe on March 24th. The Czech FA has thus nominated striker Patrik Schick (Leverkusen), midfielder Pavel Kaderabek (Hoffenheim), midfielder Vladmir Darida (Hertha Berlin), and keeper Jiri Pavlenka (Werder Bremen) only for the first of the three qualifiers.

As an extra precaution, the country's football association has chartered a private jet to pick up the quartet at multiple stops across Germany, take them to the A. Le Coq Arena in Tallinn, then fly them back to their respective teams in the Bundesrepublik well before the international break is over.

1M. Aksalu
6I. Antonov ↪74
16H. Pürg
3M. Paskotši
13M. Lilander
19R. Alliku ↪73
20M. Poom
23B. Vaštšuk ↪82
11K. Õigus
14K. Vassiljev (C) ↪73
15R. Sappinen ↪88
12K. Pechter
22K. Vallner
8H. Anier ↩73
9R. Kirss ↩73
2M. Subka
4M. Villota
5M. Kaljumäe
18M. Kase
7S. Puri ↩74
10A. Frolov ↩82
17M. Roosnupp ↩88
21P. Dõmov
Czech Republic
23J. Pavlenka
2P. Kadeřábek
17O. Kúdela
3O. Celustka ↪85
18J. Bořil
13L. Provod ↪65
8V. Darida (C)
15T. Souček
14J. Jankto ↪65
7A. Barák ↪65
10P. Schick ↪79
1T. Vaclík
16A. Mandous
11M. Krmenčík
20M. Vydra ↩65
22T. Pekhart ↩65
4D. Zima ↩85
5V. Coufal
6A. Matějů
21T. Holeš ↩79
9D. Pavelka
12L. Masopust ↩65
19J. Pešek

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