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Bielefeld's Ortega cites bench warming comfort at a top club:
“In the end you only have one career”

By Akhil Fisher

Stefan Ortega has led Arminia Bielefeld from the back for four years now, since 2017.

Stefan Ortega.
Stefan Ortega.Photo: Haraldbischoff, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Bielefeld youth prospect was handed in his senior start with the club in 2011, from when he held his post until 2014 before moving to Munich with 1860 Munich.

In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (via transfermarkt.de), the goalkeeper spoke of a probable move away from his boyhood club and to greener pastures across Germany or even abroad.

“In the end you only have one career,” Ortega exclaimed.

Recent months have drawn up rumours of his potential move to Allianz Arena, where he would play second fiddle to Germany No.1 Manuel Neuer.

Speaking of which, Ortega said: “If I went to Munich, I would have the opportunity to win titles, play in the European Champions League, maybe a few games at a world class club.

“If a club with the exquisite collar size like Bayern or Real Madrid knocked at my door, that would be something I would deal with. Why should I categorically rule out such a move, in which I may not play so many games?”

Ortega’s contract in Bielefeld lasts only until 30 June 2022. He has kept 7 clean sheets in 29 appearances for the club this season.

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