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Confirmed: Hertha accept boss Schmidt's resignation

By Peter Vice

The latest administrative departure at Hertha BSC is now confirmed. 

Germany's West Berlin capital city club confirmed that they had accepted CEO Carsten Schmidt's resignation early on Tuesday evening. 

Pal Dardai (middle) with Carsten Schmidt (left) and Arne Friedrich (right).
Pal Dardai (middle) with Carsten Schmidt (left) and Arne Friedrich (right).Photo: Hertha BSC/citypress

Reports from der Tagesspiegel were quickly confirmed on Tuesday evening. After less than a year in office, Hertha BSC top administrator Carsten Schmidt will depart "die alte Dame" for personal reasons.

In a statement released by the club, Schmidt emphasized that developments in his private life left him no choice.

"It [my resignation] is exclusively related to an illness in my immediate familial environment," Schmidt noted, "That it why I must take this step back.

"With regret we have accepted his resignation," President Werner Gegenbauer noted in his own statement, "After intimate conversations, we have granted this request with a heavy heart."

German footballing magazine Kicker reports that sporting CEO Fredi Bobic (whom Schmidt recently recruited to the club) would take over the departing bosses' duties together with administrator Ingo Stiller.

Hertha benefactor Lars Windhorst has also reacted to the news via twitter. The multi-million-dollar investor expressed "dismay" but also said he respected the 57-year-old's choice.

"We're once again dismayed that confidential matters were made public in advance," Windhorst said, "I deeply rue his departure from Hertha BSC, as I know."

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