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The Instagram story that boosted the Lewandowski saga

By Jonathan Dicks

Anna Lewandowska, wife of Bayern Munich superstar Robert Lewandowski randomly asked for Spanish speaking tips on Instagram back in April. Now it all makes so much sense.
Robert Lewandowski.
Robert Lewandowski.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Kerstin Doelitzsch
When Bayern Munich fans saw that post on April 15th they asked, surely this doesn't mean anything at all? Well, how the tables have turned. Whether intentional or not, this hilariously telegraphed move displays just how long Lewandowski's looming transfer has been in the works. While supporters shrugged off the post as it circulated around social media, fans are now realizing it actually meant something after all.

Lewandowski has made it clear to the public that he plans to do everything in his power to push a move to La Liga through. This saga is out of character for the Bayern machine who are usually immune to such a mess. But this time around, the Munich brass find themselves right in the thick of a major battle with their star player.

Bayern may have no choice but to sell the 33-year-old away for €30 million euros to the Catalonia club. And where did the rumors of this move really start to surface? Because Lewandowski's wife wanted to learn a little español. So what have we learned from this seemingly insignificant Instagram story?

When the wife wants to learn a new language, pay attention. It might just mean something.

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