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Germany: 3. Liga
Hansa Rostock B. Bahn (Pen. 7), A. Berzel (28)

Cancellations update: All top two tier fixtures to proceed, three postponements in third division

By Peter Vice

As of Friday morning, all fixtures in the first two tiers of German football are on. The same can not be said of the third division, in which a record three matches must be postponed. We'll supply a comprehensive update of how the global pandemic has thus far affected the 2020/21 German footballing calendar.

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Obviously enough, the isolation of the third-tier side SV Meppen precluded the 3. Liga match against SV Waldhof Mannheim from taking place this weekend. A final decision concerning the fate of this scheduled fixture came on Thursday. Word also came in late in the evening that the positive cases found amongst the side SC Verl rendered the weekend match against SpVgg Unterhaching unsafe.

On Friday morning, news emerged that four COVID cases had been identified among third division side Hansa Rostock. This led to the immediate cancellation of the planned match against Türkgücü München.

Three more cancellations in the 3. Liga bring the total number of matches postponed in that division to eight. With no further suspensions in the top two tiers, the numbers remain unchanged.

Bundesliga Three: (Eight postponements)

MSV Duisburg vs. FC Saarbrücken (round four)
MSV Duisburg vs. Hallescher FC (round five)
Türkgücü München vs. FSV Zwickau (round seven)
SC Verl vs. FSV Zwickau (round eight)
SpVgg Unterhaching vs. Hallescher FC (round eight)
Hansa Rostock vs. Türkgücü München (round nine)
SC Verl vs. SpVgg Unterhaching (round nine)
SV Meppen vs. Waldhof Mannheim (round nine)

Bundesliga Two: (Two postponements)

Hamburger SV vs. Erzgebirge Aue (round three)
VfL Osnabrück vs. SV Darmstadt 98 (round four)

Bundesliga: (No postponements thus far)

Hansa Rostock
1Markus Kolke
3Julian Riedel
7Nico Neidhart
23Sven Sonnenberg
8Bentley Bahn
10Korbinian Vollmann ↩75
24Jan Löhmannsröben
6Björn Rother ↩64
20Lukas Scherff
28Maurice Litka ↩60
18John Verhoek
30Ben Voll
9Erik Engelhardt ↪60
39Pascal Breier
4Damian Roßbach
19Manuel Farrona-Pulido ↪75
25Oliver Daedlow ↪64
27Luca Horn
1Renè Vollath
23Stefan Stangl ↩46
22Aaron Berzel
13Alexander Sorge
2Yi-Young Park
17Kilian Fischer
10Sercan Sararer-Osuna
24Philipp Erhardt
37Nico Gorzel ↩72
25Petar Slišković
14Mounir Bouziane ↩46
39Maximilian Engl
35Furkan Zorba
36Filip Kusič
6Marco Holz ↪72
8Ünal Tosun ↪46
18Boubacar Barry ↪46
21Omar-Šarif Sijarić

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