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Hummels recites full litany of failures following latest Dortmund loss

By Peter Vice   @ViceytheSS

A late first-half equalizer from Mats Hummels simply wasn't good enough for Dortmund against Frankfurt on Saturday. 

After the match, the squad's defensive quarterback offered his thoughts on what was else was lacking for the Bundesliga's fifth-placed team. 
Mats Hummels.
Mats Hummels.Photo: Borussia Dortmund
As Filip Kostic's cross sailed into the box in the 87th minute on Saturday, Mats Hummels had his man covered. It ultimately mattered not as, while Hummels prevented Luka Jovic from reaching the ball, André Silva was on hand to head home the game-winning goal. 

Over the course of this disappointing season, the German media have learned that the veteran defender is the go-to player to generate quotes about what went wrong on a particular day. This weekend's lost proved no exception. 

"First of all, it was the lack of chances," the 32-year-old told the sky microphones afterwards, "It's about situations in which we have to be one-hundred percent, that we failed to play clean toward the end in about a dozen cases." 

"It was shocking how many times we had a dangerous situation 20 meters in front of goal during the second-half," he continued, "and never managed to make something good out of it."

Hummels made clear that the fault didn't merely lie with those playing the ball forward. According to the 2014 World Champion, the defensive unit had their fair share of problems as well. 

"We allowed a very uncontrolled game," he conceded, "just as we did against Köln. With the ball, we were too unclean, too unfocused, perhaps technically just not good enough." 

Following the latest loss, the real question on everyone's lips is whether the BVB currently belong in the Bundesliga's top four. Hummels appeared to have his doubts. 

"Other teams are ahead of us in that respect," Hummels noted at the conclusion of his remarks.

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